Atmospheric Vaporizer

Evaporators liquid gas carbon dioxide and N2, O2, Ar etc. It is used in parallel to convert it to gases such as cryo tanks. Ambient air evaporators use the relative “heat” of the atmosphere to obtain the energy required to evaporate. Environmental evaporators represent the most cost-effective equipment for the evaporation or regasification of cryogenic liquids. tanks.

Media evaporators consist of a series of individual aluminum extruded heat transfer extrusion elements that can be combined in different series and parallel paths to meet the exact requirements of individual applications.

Environmentally friendly high-pressure evaporators made of aluminum are used for high-pressure cylinder filling systems with efficient blade design.

Cryoak manufactures these and provides its customers with evaporators such as ASME manufactured at different power and operating pressures according to global pressure specifications; TÜV; PAD; and other international codes. The modular design provides versatility and the capacity increase can be implemented efficiently.

Cryoak, in cooperation with reliable suppliers, offers a full cylinder refueling station containing cryogenic tanks, evaporators and pumps needed for industrial gas distributors. The entire system can also be installed by Cryoak technicians.

The performance of ambient air evaporators depends on many factors. These include flow rate, operating cycle, ambient temperature, relative humidity, freezing time, altitude, wind, solar radiation, working pressure, and proximity to adjacent structures. Cryoak offers a wide variety of flexible or rigid transmission lines in vacuum insulation and a wide range of cryogenic equipment specifically designed for LNG, LIN, LOX, LAR and LCO2.

Specially designed for high pressure gas applications, including high pressure environmental natural evaporators, cylinder filling and laser applications.